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We aim to build profitable businesses which can contribute to positive development for the individual and society, as well as for the environment we live in.


To achieve this we must develop financially strong and successful companies based on products and services that can both improve people’s lives and be in harmony with nature.

As we see it there need not be any conflict between business success, social success and environmental success. In fact we believe these three are closely linked, and companies which have a sincere focus on all of them will be much more successful than those which only pursue traditional monetary values such as return on capital.

People around the world do not only demand that companies become more socially responsible; they are looking for companies that are putting society and the environment at the forefront, businesses that are devoting their resources to make a real difference. These are the companies people will invest in and the companies they will want to work for.

Contrary to what many claim to be the main purpose of business, we are not in business just to make money. For us, doing business is a lot more; it is about serving people, the community and the environment in such a way that we contribute to positive development for all. Of course, making money is instrumental in achieving the overriding goals of our enterprise, but it is not the end in itself.