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We may be just a small cog in a large wheel, but what we do and how we do it can have far reaching impact.


FELLOWSHIP Regardless of our size we will always work for the common good. Teamwork and co-operation are essential to our success, and we will continually search for partners who can complement our own strengths and help open up new possibilities. By working closely together we can achieve far more than if we just operate on our own. 

LONG-TERM VIEW Lasting success cannot be built overnight; time and careful attention are needed to build a solid foundation and to create lasting advantages. The fact that many companies have an excessive focus on short term profits creates opportunities for those who are willing and able to take the long term view. It is the long term profitability that is most important. Companies come and go - we will not be one of them. 

AMBITIONS Without ambitions well beyond the ordinary we will not excel or be able to build long term success. We have already enjoyed much success in our group, but for every achievment yet another unfolds. The Flakk Group aims to continue our strong growth and to become a dominant player within the market niches in which we choose to operate. 

KNOW-HOW and expertise form the very backbone of our enterprise and must be continuously developed and strengthened. In order to build lasting advantages we must know how to serve our customers better than our competitors. This requires in debt understanding of the needs and desires of our customers as well as knowledge and technology to satisfy these needs in a more efficient manner. 

KREATIVITY Yes - creativity with a K to underline the point of thinking differently. It is the combination of creativity and know-how that brings true innovation. We must always challenge the established truth and force ourselves to think outside the box. One should also keep in mind– the innovations of today will be the history of tomorrow. Therefore innovation must take place every week, every day, every hour throughout our businesses; it is the very engine for successful growth and development.