Devold of Norway
Devold of Norway
Wool is one of natures true wonders with properties that man-made fibers are unable to match.
Devold, which has been making durable, high quality wool clothing since 1853, is the oldest Norwegian knitwear company still in operation. The company’s first customers were fishermen and other workers facing the harsh climate along the Norwegian Coast. The popularity of the Devold products soon spread throughout Norway and abroad, and early explorers such as Nansen, Amundsen and Ellsworth chose Devold knitted wool products for their expeditions to the North Pole as well as the South Pole. Some of the wool garments developed by Devold in the late 1800’s are in fact still in production today – more than 100 years later.
Wool – One of nature’s own wonders
The finest quality wool has always been the main raw material used by Devold. Wool has unique properties that keep you warm even when it is wet and, unlike man-made fibres, it does not smell even after days of continual use. More than 150 years in the wool business have taught us how to utilize the natural properties of wool as well as how to refine them to make the garments even better. Today’s wool products from Devold are soft and light to wear and meet the modern requirements for comfort.
Market segments
The Devold product line is made up of three distinct collections, each serving different market segments:
The Devold Outdoor Collection includes a wide range of functional garments tailored for the sport and leisure markets. The collection includes underwear, socks, headwear, mid-layer garments as well as sweaters. The products are sold through all main sporting goods chains in Norway as well as through selected sporting goods retailers abroad.
The Devold Protection Collection is supplied to the industrial and professional markets. A large part of this collection consists of flame-retardant products which are used by fire brigades as well as in electric power plants, the oil and gas industries and the aluminium industry.
Manufacturing in Lithuania
The Devold product lines, which include knitted underwear, socks, sweaters and headwear, are manufactured at the company’s own facilities in Lithuania. Product development, sales and marketing, together with procurement and administration, are located at the company headquarters in Norway.